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putting themselves in even more harm's way. plus, the "two- and-a-half men" star who wants you to stop watching the show. the news at noon is next. ============b r e a k ============== good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. frank mallicoat is on assignment. we'll, get ready for the next few days to be weather. very wet. you'll want to enjoy today as much as possible because it's going to be drastically different in less than 24 hours. brian hackney is keeping an eye on the storm. get those umbrellas out. >> at a minimum. how are you? thanks for coming by channel 5 this midday. rain is not here. but we have wind advisories posed. wind advisories are posed for tomorrow morning. winds will pick up out of the south to 35 miles an hour
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during the morning drive tomorrow, there could be gusts up in the peaks up to 70 miles an hour. so we have the wind and we'll also get the rain. this is where it's coming from. a pretty potent subtropical storm that's out there. that low pressure is going to work its way toward the bay area and right smack in the middle of the morning commute tomorrow. we are going to get pretty heavy rain and pretty strong wind and a thunderstorm would not be a surprise. how much rain? the amounts look significant. 5 to 8" of rain, this is by sunday. so these are totals by sunday. as much as a foot of rain in some of the hills of marin. we'll have the entire forecast for you when we do the weather in just a few minutes. michelle? >> thank you. even though the rain isn't here yet, people across the bay area are getting ready. that includes a bay area town that's no stranger to flooding. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington shows us what residents there are doing to stay safe. >> reporter: this is downtown san anselmo today the calm before the storm. this was the downtown back in january of 2005 after rain and
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wind pummeled the area flooding the creek and the streets, devastating businesses. >> standing water about four or five feet within the building. >> reporter: the lieutenant with the twin cities san anselmo police department says since then, there have been a lot of changes to prevent another disaster. >> we have cleaned out the storm drains. we've cleaned out the creeks. we've sent media alerts -- or excuse me, email alerts to the merchants. about three-quarters of the merchants have floodgates now. >> reporter: the town has also approved spending $20,000 to install a floodwater detention basin at memorial park. a series of powerful storms is expected to hit bay area over the next few days into the weekend. we're talking up to 8" of rain in some places, high winds, possible flooding and power outages. while the biggest part of the storm won't be here until thursday, people are getting prepared filling sandbags to protect their homes and businesses. >> i live right on the creek. so it's always a little concern. >> we have a whole bunch of
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puddles on the roof. we have to put drains up there to make sure it doesn't leak into the buildings or anything like that. sometimes it floods on the gutters and overflows in the parking lot. >> reporter: many other cities are also providing sandbags, some opening shelters for the homeless and the coast guard is advising people to stay off the beaches. around here there will be crews on duty at all hours during the storm. do you think this area is ready for another big storm? >> i think we're better prepared. to say that we're going to conquer this storm, that depends on the storm. >> reporter: the sandbag station will be available 24 hours a day. city officials recommend that people also have a flashlight on hand, a battery-operated radio and food in case of power outages. in san anselmo, elissa harrington, cbs 5. milpitas police are on the fund for a gunman they say shot at an officer this morning. it happened just before 2:00 on jacklin road during a routine traffic stop. as the officer walked toward the car, the driver got out
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fired one shot and missed. the officer returned fire but the suspect drove off and is at large. the officer has minor injuries unrelated to the gunfire. a man is dead after leading police on an overnight chase and standoff in a closed traffic to treasure island. it started around 11:00 last night in downtown san francisco. the chase ended on treasure island, where the gunman got out and ran towards the shore. around 5:00 this morning, he was found dead with a self- inflicted gunshot wound. police believe he was responsible for a carjacking last week. the small college in oakland that was the scene of a mass shoot will go dedicate a permanent memorial today. 7 people died at oikos university in april. this afternoon, there will be a concert and ceremony to dedicate a memory garden in front of school on edgewater drive. last week one of the court appointed psychiatrists says the defendant isn't fit to
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stand trial. mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk were killed on this day back in 1978. they were shot by former supervisor dan white. this afternoon there will be a ceremony on the steps of city hall featuring the san francisco gay men's chorus. that will be followed by a candlelight march to milk's store in the castro. some women in the military are tired of getting passed over. they want to take on more combat roles just like the men. now they are taking their fight to the courts. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in san francisco, where the aclu just announced a lawsuit. cate. >> reporter: michelle, all four servicewomen who spoke today say the combat exclusionary rule keeps them from doing their job well and being recognized for what they do and today's lawsuit says times are changing and the military needs to keep up. in the days of modern warfare, these women along with the aclu
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say the combat exclusionary rule is outdated and doesn't capture the way wars are waged today. >> the modern battlefield means there's no front lines and there's no safe areas. every time a woman or any service member sets foot into iraq or afghanistan, they are serving in a combat zone. >> reporter: major mary jennings hagar is based out of moffett field. despite the rule she says she has done three combat tours and received the purple heart. >> my gender has never been a factor in accomplishing my unit's mission and it should not be a factor when selecting personnel to serve in combat roams. >> reporter: these women and their supporters say this lawsuit was a long time in the making. the aclu has represented women in the military for years and finally wants to put the exclusionary rule to an end along with the professional and personal discrimination they say comes along with it. >> i would be assigned to positions based on my gender rather than on my qualifications or my
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accomplishments. >> didn't make sense for me personally or professionally and doesn't make sense for the military. >> reporter: the pentagon says it's planning to make changes directed at service women but this rule still keeps women in the military from specific combat roles that are available to men. in addition the lawsuit supporters say it keeps military leaders from mobilizing troops effectively. defense secretary leon panetta calls for more women in command positions. earlier this month he asked for an assessment of gender barriers and the military. as for this lawsuit, the department of defense has declined to comment. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. united nations ambassador susan rice has come under fire for her handling of the attacks in benghazi. now she is face to face with critics on capitol hill has she tries to win their support if she is nominated for secretary of state. cbs reporter danielle nottingham with what happened in that meeting. >> reporter: some gop lawmakers
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are still not satisfied with u.n. ambassador susan rice's explanation of what happened at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> we are significantly troubled by many of the answers that we got and some that we didn't get. >> reporter: senators john mccain, lindsey graham and kelly ayotte have been vocal critics of rice accusing the ambassador of misleading the public when she said five days after the deadly benghazi attack, there was no evidence it was preplanned. >> we're going to get to the bottom of this. we have to have a system we can trust. and if you don't know what happened, just say you don't know what happened. >> reporter: rice needs the senate support if president obama chooses her to be the next secretary of state. ambassador rice met with lawmakers in a secure room behind this group of cameras here on capitol hill to discuss classified information. an aide to senator john mccain says she requested the meeting.
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afterwards, rice issued a statement saying the talking points the intelligence community gave her were incorrect and that at no time did she or anyone in the obama administration intend to mislead the american people. the white house worked to reinforce that tuesday. >> ambassador rice has no responsibility for collecting, analyzing and providing intelligence. >> reporter: acting cia director michael morrell joined rice's capitol hill meeting to help her field questions. danielle nottingham cbs 5. president obama is making a public case this week for his approach to avert the "fiscal cliff." he is meeting today and tomorrow with small business owners and middle class families and he will visit a small business in pennsylvania on friday. negotiations with republicans continue behind closed doors. a democratic senator says his side is willing to discuss reform of medicare and medicaid.
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>> the math just doesn't work anymore. not because the programs are bad but because thank goodness we're living longer. >> republicans are signalling they're open to compromise but so far, they still oppose the president's idea to raise taxes on the wealthy. instead, republican leaders want to limit tax deductions and loopholes without an agreement. across-the-board tax hikes will take effect on january 1 without an agreement. here's a breakdown of what would happen. for households earning 20 to $40,000, the tax increase would be $1,200. for householder, 40 to $64,000, the tax hike would be $2,000. and with those incomes of $64,000 up to 6 figures, it would be a $3,500 tax increase. it's not all dire economic news. retailers are still looking for workers this holiday season. why that's encouraging news for businesses. and some amazing video from a jewelry store. a toddler leaves justifies before a car crashes in. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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steady improvement in hiring. but wall street isn't too . as consumer confidence is at its highest level in almost 5 years boosted by a steady improvement in hiring but wall street isn't too impressed by the numbers as stocks are down for the day. you can see right now, the dow is down 58. even though we're in the middle of the holiday shopping season, retailers are still hiring. but analysts say it's a good sign. it shows stronger consumer confidence, which retailers hope translates into increased holiday spending. more than 300,000 retail jobs were posted in october alone. and 'tis the season for theft. livermore police are warning people not to leave valuable packages for extended periods of time on the front porch or in the mailbox. this is video from a burglary
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in fremont last week. they recommend using tracking services, also you can coordinate with friends, family or neighbors for package pickup. today eurozone finance ministers decided to release billions of dollars of loans to greece. the finance ministers and the imf agreed to loan greece $57 billion. greece will also get billions in additional debt relief. this is the latest effort to help greece stabilize its ailing economy. however, austerity measures are also part of the bailout package. more than 100,000 people packed cairo's tahrir square chanting against egypt's president who they say wants to become a dictator. [ chanting ] >> police are fighting back demonstrators with tear gas. so far at least one person is dead and almost 400 injured as a result of the violence. forensic teams in the west bank city of ramallah have exhumed the body of yasser
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arafat. a big blue tarp surrounded his grave as workers drilled through layers of concrete to reach the tomb. a murder investigation began last summer after a swiss lab found high levels of a deadly radioactive substance on arafat's clothing. now investigators have taken samples from his remains to determine if he was in fact poisoned. heavy rains are flooding the uk. take a look. people were forced from their homes as streets turned into rivers in wales and england. crews rescued one elderly man and at least 500 homes have been affected and 70,000 more are at risk. we're expecting some pretty heavy rains here too. >> we are. hope it doesn't get to the point of being floods in the bay area but you want to be ever vigilant with this. the good news about the series of storms that's coming in is we are going to get hit hard tomorrow morning and then we get a break, and then the next series of storms comes in for thursday. we'll set it all out. but it's not going to be a pineapple express thing where
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it continuously unwinds. we have mostly cloudy skies around the bay area, numbers around 60 degrees. that's about all we'll do today, maybe or degree or two warmer. that overcast can lead to rain. we can see the bay bridge after all the fog the last couple of days. in the headlines, rain and winds on course for the morning break commute tomorrow. a break later in the day. we should get some sun tomorrow afternoon and then more rain coming in on thursday. the rain on thursday looks as if it's favoring the north bay. the north bay could have some problems because they do get hit time after time after time. the rest of the bay area not so much. paul deanno chief meteorologist put these graphics together and boy, they do tell the story. homes that's in the gulf of alaska is picking up subtropical moisture and you get some good energy in this whenever you combine a cold low out of the gulf with this warm subtropical stream. that's why tomorrow it wouldn't be a surprise if we were to see a few thunderstorms around the bay area, as well. so lightning would not be out of the question when it all
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arrives tomorrow morning. we'll get a bead on the timing in a minute. it also has implications for tahoe which has forecast highs tomorrow in the low 40s. winter weather advisories are posted all day tomorrow. snow level down to 7,000 feet. we'll get up to 8" of snow from this and southerly winds in the mountains to 60 miles an hour. this is the model that shows how the atmosphere should behave so this is today, clouds, clouds, clouds. this is about midnight. now, watch, bang! right about 6 a.m. and again a second wave comes in about 9:00 to noon tomorrow. after that, we get this, clearing behind all of it by the afternoon. but when we do get hit, we'll get hit hard tomorrow. forecast highs in the low 60s for us today. in the extended forecast, watch... wednesday, rain and wind clearing up by the afternoon. thursday, showers favor the north bay, and then friday and saturday another series of storms coming in. sunday we'll get some rain and sun and then by monday, it finally looks like we'll be able to exhale. but if you want to look at the target for the worst of this, probably up in the north bay.
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stay tuned for paul deanno to update you. >> i think i county five days of rain? >> but not continuous. >> thank you. still to come, a "two and a half men" star goes on a tirade. we're not talking about charlie sheen this time. plus, a close call for a toddler caught on tape. more of this amazing video. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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close a toddler came to being hit by a car.
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take a look at this: you can see amazing surveillance video shows just how close a toddler came to being hit by a car. take a look at this. you could see the boy once we show the video, walking in a jewelry store in savannah, georgia and just moments later, right here, an 84-year-old woman prowls through the front of the store with her -- plows through the front of the store with her car. no one was hurt. the driver is being charged with reckless driving. good thing for the toddler to get out of the way. one of the most popular programs on cbs is coming under fire for from one of its stars. actor angus t. jones is complaining about the show that pays him $300,000 an episode. >> if you watch "two and a half men," please stop watching "two and a half men." i'm on "two and a half men." i don't want to be on it. please stop watching it. please stop killing your head with filth. do some research on the next of television and your brain and i
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promise you, you will have a decision to make when it comes to the television and especially with what you watch. >> there you go. jones plays jake harper on the cbs sitcom and told a christian website reporter that the show conflicts with his religious views. i was screaming my child is being born. call 911! >> a father's pleas answered at an east bay bart station. the stranger that helped deliver this couple's little bundle of joy. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what you did here is sauteed mushrooms previously. >> this butter sauce is butter, water and oregano but put a little water in the pan and add the butter so it breaks down. and then what the next day it's not going t clump. don't make too much butter sauce because you don't want it in the pan left when you're done. >> we're going to put this over blanched kale. this looks good. >> there you go. >> beautiful. look how pretty that is. now we are going to take a little bit of shaved parmesan cheese right on top and we're going to finish it off with a little bit of olive oil. >> give it some shown.
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>> look how beautiful. chef, good job. love that. ciao. get the forks! >> it looks good. a dramatic birth at a bart station in the east bay. jasmine osborne's contractions were five minutes apart just before 6 a.m. yesterday. her husband was driving her to the hospital in berkeley but jasmine's water broke right in the front seat. well, they sped off the freeway and pulled up at the pittsburg station in front of a commuter. >> he got out of the car yelling and screaming she's having the baby! >> i was screaming, my child, call 911. >> actually hit the floor a little bit because i was backwards like i was in so much pain like -- she just -- i pushed her out. >> mom was probably screaming too. jasmine wrapped her third child in a coat from a taxi driver. the family spent the night at kaiser in antioch and the baby is healthy and they may go home
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today. >> talk about special delivery. >> i know. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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(indistinct radio) >> man: deeply sorry for your loss, mr. forrester. >> eric: thank--thank-- thank you. thank you. >> pam: where have they taken her? >> man: we understand it was m

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